My Running Calendar For Summer

If you are serious about being a runner, you need to have a running calendar. While it is enough that you run on your own each week, it can be quite boring. Running in a race or joining an event with other runners can be fun. You get to meet other people who have the same passion for running as you.

In case you are interested in connecting with other runners, you should start looking into races that you can join this summer. The weather is perfect to join these types of events.

In London, you can find a lot of running events to join. As for me, I only join one race a month. I could probably give it a boost but I do not want to pressure myself. Most of these events are for a cause. I usually just choose a cause that I want to support and then I sign up. I also ask some of my friends about races they joined so I can consider the events. But I really do not want to pressure myself.

My running calendar from July to September

If you are interested in knowing my running calendar this summer, here are the three races that I signed up for.

July – Race for Life

This will take place on July 12, 2017, at Epping, Essex. It is an event that hopes to raise awareness in the fight against cancer. It is mostly for women, so I decided to join in. The Race for Life is a fundraising event that happens across the country. I thought it would be really cool to be a part of something monumental.

August – London Summer

For the month of August, I decided to join the London Summer event. It will take place in Regents Park on August 13, 2017. This event is for the benefit of ChildHope. This organisation helps protect children against exploitation and abuse. If that is not something worthwhile, then I don’t know what is. Besides, it goes around the Regents Park – a beautiful location that I would love to run in this summer.

September – Push It for the Peace

This event will take place in Watford, Hertfordshire on September 23. It is specifically set to happen in Cassiobury Park where it all began. This race is where I want to test my endurance and physical abilities. It is not just about running. The course includes obstacles like crawling, jumping, swinging, and climbing. I normally don’t want to join these events because of all the mud – but I figured, I need to do it sometime! Just to experience it. So I hope that I do have fun. Besides, it also for a good cause!

There you go. That is my running calendar for the summer of 2017. Feel free to choose among other events. There are literally hundreds that will happen from today until the end of the year. I hope you get to choose one of the events that I will join so we can meet each other!