A Visit To My Parents

I was feeling a bit melancholy the past few weeks and I figured out why – it was time for a visit to my parents! I haven’t seen them in ages and I missed my Mum’s cooking! I talk to them a lot but there is nothing like spending an afternoon with my Dad just talking about random stuff.

So I packed my bags and went on home to Waverly.

Visiting my folks in Waverly, Surrey

My parents still live in the historic market town of Godalming in the Borough of Waverly. They are still in the same home where I grew up with my siblings. I was the only one who went home this time as everyone was busy with their work. Lucky for me, I can bring my work with me so I can actually visit them anytime I wish without compromising my job.

What I love about our home is that we live near Broadwater Park. The River Wey is also nearby. Whenever I come home, I am still struck by the beauty of our town. It is no wonder my parents refuse to live anywhere else. Me, on the other hand, I want to be right in the midst of the city. That is why I moved to London. But if it doesn’t work out in the city, I do not have qualms about moving back to our home in Waverly.

So I spent a week at my parent’s house – eating Mum’s food and raiding the pantry. I had my laptop with me so I spent a lot of hours working each day. My folks have their own social lives anyway so they were always outside joining events and running errands. Since my siblings moved away, I had the house to myself while I work. My folks love to keep in touch with all their kids so we had a good Internet connection – which worked really well for me.

Every time I schedule a visit to my parents, I feel really great afterward. Call it therapeutic if you must – but it feels really good to be home and sleep in my own bed. I loved it!

Where I ran in Waverly

Of course, I still found time to run while visiting my parents. I feel more relaxed here so I am more inclined to run. My usual route goes around Broadwater Park until I reach Broadwater and then I go back. It is a pretty simple run that becomes really special because I do it with my Dad. We usually ask Mum to join use but it’s really not her thing. Anyway, Dad and I get to talk so these runs are among the best that I have – regardless if the distance is not really that long.

The visit to my parents really gave me the energy to go back to my usual routine. It was a good visit. I will probably do it again.