Back In The City With New Energy

I am now back in the city! I am home and feeling refreshed and ready to take on my usual routine! In my previous entry, I told you about how I went home to visit my parents. It was not really a vacation because I brought my laptop with me so I can continue to work. But being with my folks really helped me gain a more positive mood.

Life back in the city!

So what is life like now that I am back? Well, my first night out was spent hanging out with friends. I came home Sunday afternoon and got in touch with friends. We went to our favourite pub for some drinks.

The next day – reality sets in. I go about my usual routine – choosing to work at home because I needed to finish fast. I had a couple of reports to submit and that takes a lot of concentration. Good thing I just had a really relaxing week. It helped me prepare my mind for a grueling week ahead.

Of course, part of the plan is to set my mind at the start of my training! After all, July is 2 months away and I want to be ready to take on the 10K race that I joined.

Time to start training for my July race

So what will my training be like now that I am back in the city? Well, I had to come up with a training schedule because I need at least 2 months to complete my training program. Usually, my schedule goes something like this:

  • Monday: rest day
  • Tuesday: 3 – 4k
  • Wednesday: 5k
  • Thursday: 3 – 5k
  • Friday: 5 – 7k
  • Saturday: 3 – 4k
  • Sunday: 6 – 10k

The shortest distance happens at the beginning of the training schedule and gets harder as the week progresses. I also make sure to balance the distance that I run to keep it within 35k a week.

A training plan is very important because it allows you to plan your schedule and other tasks around your run. If you have a long run scheduled for the day, like every Friday, you want to make sure you avoid stressful tasks to help you finish your run.

You should also stick to the plan and workout consistently. To complete the 10K run, I have to build my endurance. Of course, I should avoid pushing myself to the limit so I do not injure myself. If you are running a race, I suggest you do the same.

It is also fun to run with someone so I suggest that you invite a friend to run with you. Lucky for me, one of my friends will run in the same race so we will be training together. This should be fun!

Now that I am back in the city, I am feeling quite energised to start my training. I will let you know how it all goes!