Resting Day

Did you know that resting day is an important part of your training? Now that I am in the midst of my training schedule, I have to literally force myself to rest every Monday. It is tempting to keep on running to make sure that my body is fit for my 10k run. However, I know better than to do it. I might risk getting injured so I have to make sure I have my rest days.

That is exactly what I did today.

What I did during my resting day

So how did my rest day go? Well, I made sure it was not boring.

Of course, I started with some form of exercise. I made sure the physical activity was not as tiring as running but it should still require some form of exertion from me. Today, I decided to just walk. I need to keep my muscles from stiffening so I have to make sure my legs get a workout today. I also did some stretching.

In some rest days, if the weather is warm enough, I might go swimming. But the weather is really pleasant outside so I decided to walk instead. I had to walk a bit faster though because I needed my heart rate to be higher than the normal rate.

After that, I went back home, took a shower, and then sat in front of my trusty laptop to start working. I had a slow start though. First I got stuck playing a bit of slots on the computer. I found casino with fast withdrawals and started to play. Visit for more information.

I ended my resting day by going for another walk late afternoon. I went to Hyde Park and walked for 30 minutes.

Why resting day is important for runners

When you are in the midst of a training program, regardless if you are running or not, you should stay true to your rest days. There are a couple of reasons why you need to do this.

First of all, you want to ensure that your body has enough time to recover. It is not just about slowing down. Your body has to be given time to absorb the training. Otherwise, you might stretch it too much. Also, you need to give it time to adapt to the stress that you have been giving it as you train. If not, it will alway be hard for you to reach your training goals and the improvement will be hard to achieve.

Of course, that would depend on your body. Some people opt to have recovery days – wherein they still indulge in some form of activity – like what I did. But my activity was too light so I still consider it my resting day.